Welcome to Wyrmhole Gaming!


Wyrmhole Gaming is comprised of a husband and wife team from Connecticut, with a goal to make awesome tabletop games based on our own Genesis System of die rules.

So what IS the Genesis System, and what makes it special?

 The Genesis System, as our motto goes, is “a die-based tabletop gaming system infused with common sense”.

Long story short, one day we were thinking: what makes me different from you? We all have the same amount of health, per se 100%, but it’s our skillsets that define us as people: I have a background in medical training, my husband has a background in automotive, my best friend is a photographer.

Ok, so skills define us; how did we learn those skills? Well, one day I decided that the medical field sounded fun, so I took some classes. I picked a skill I thought was interesting, and I tried it! Ok, so “trial and error” is basically how people “work up” their “skills” in real life. Why doesn’t it work that way in gaming? We don’t have skill-based classes that dictate what we can do, wear, or say as people, why should our characters?

And thus the Genesis System was born!

(Keep checking back for some more information about how the Genesis System functions, including combat mechanics!)


Copyright 2014 – Wyrmhole Gaming


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