Welcome blog

As of last night we officially got the game book over to our editors to read through prior to us shipping the book off to be copywritten! While I’m super excited about this, Ian is all sorts of nervous about it because this game is his baby, but I know that we’ve worked on it very hard over the past 5 or so years and that we totally have this down!

What’s even better is that once the game book has been shipped off to be copywritten I can post even more awesome bits from Dead House AND updates regarding the book’s progress towards being published in both paper and downloadable formats! Wohoo 🙂 I am super excited about this as well, so we can share more with all of you and get YOU as excited as we are for the release of Dead House!

In other news, I am really hoping that I properly added a blog feature to our website and that I’m not typing this update into Narnia! I am not the most technological person, but I am happy to say that this whole experience of creating Wyrmhole Gaming has made me much more savvy in the technological realm than I had been before. Granted, we’ve had a lot of help along the way that we couldn’t have done without (here’s looking at you, Ashley and Beth!)


One comment on “Welcome blog

  1. Ian says:

    Found the Blog! Had to use the search function though!

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