On Thursdays, we blog.

So I have decided that Thursdays will be the day that we give you blog updates on our exciting updates! Today I have our supervisor, Zaphina, on duty, helping me out to make sure I do everything right (according to her!), as well.


Since posting last, we’ve been still working with our editors on making some changes and corrections to the game book. It’s funny how if you read a word you’ve misspelled your brain fills it in correctly in some situations, or how something will make sense to you because you know what you meant, but everyone else is looking at it like, um, what were you getting at in this sentence?

We’ve also been talking with some of our playtesters about some new ways to handle mission delegations at the beginning of the gamedays, which has led us to some neat, new ideas to try and (hopefully!) add into the book as well. Since I am GMing an entire campaign for the first time currently this means that I might have to re-look at what exactly I’m doing as far as single missions in the story arc are concerned, but it is a new, different, and fun way of looking at things!

We also have finally finished up the tech write up, as we found it was missing a couple of things upon re-reading. What I find the most fun about tech abilities and gadgets is that as long as it can be explained or logically fathomed, it most likely can be done!

Speaking of which; are there any types of tech gear or gadgets that YOU like and would want to see implemented in Dead House? Let us know!



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