New GM in the House!

Happy Thursday, all! It’s a rainy, lazy Thursday, but a Thursday nonetheless!

So last night we had another game session, lead by yours truly. It was the second time that we tried running a Dead House game using our new way of introducing the mission of the night, and the first time we tried this I was not the GM. Basically, instead of having one single mission available for the party to go out on, the players themselves can choose a mission from the “mission board”, which is basically a bunch of web postings from other more senior members of the House. Once the team agrees on a mission, they go out and attempt the mission parameters. This not only gives the players more options as to what kind of mission they want to do, but as a GM, it kind of gives you less… power, per se, at the beginning of the mission because you’re not sure what mission you are actually going to be running that night! There’s more flux, more options, and more fun! It seems that this concept has been well-received in the last 2 playtests it has been tried in, so that’s a good thing, too!

The current campaign arc I am running has to do with sirens (long story short: vampirized mermaids) versus the Atlantian people, and all 3 of the quests offered on the mission board to the player party last night had to do with the mission. One of the missions was the “actual story arc mission”, another was a final clean up on the previous campaign (which may or may not secretly tie into this campaign!), and the mission that ended up being chosen by the party last night was intel gathering to further us in said story arc. What added an interesting level of “winging it” for me was the fact that missions B and C were written by my husband, so I had to ad lib as I went! The cool thing about this, though? My husband was able to play the mission without feeling omnipotent because I added things in and/ or ran things differently than he would have, so he even got to bring out a new character and play his own game (this doesn’t happen often!)

We also had a player who was new to Dead House last night as well, which is always interesting! And, for the first time in playtest history as of late, we had an actual physical printed copy of the game book on hand to flip through! This was exciting for me because it was the first time we saw our updated Dead House game book in physical form; and it was just even that more real!

Our goals now? Work more on the back office things (coordinating printing, yada yada yada). Yay!


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