Double update!

So first off, I apologize for not updating last Thursday, but I had no access to the site for awhile!

That being said, this means that THIS update is full of all sorts of update-y goodness! Yay!

Firs bit of exciting news is that I’m currently in talks with the nice folks from the Boston Festival of Indie Games regarding both selling at their festival as well as entrance into their Tabletop Indie Games Showcase! The Showcase features solely indie games from the New England area (there is also a Digital Indie Games Showcase at the Festival, as well as indie music). There are quite a few awesome looking games entered into the Tabletop Showcase so far, so it would be really exciting to be up with them! The Festival takes place September 13th, 2014 at MIT, so if you’re up for some fun local indie action, go check them out! With an entrance fee of only $10 per person ($7.50 if you purchase multiple tickets simultaneously), it’s very hard to resist!


We have also been in some talks with the nice folks over at a local gaming shop in Waterford regarding running a larger playtest during their open gaming hours! More information about this will follow, but I want to make sure everything is solidified prior to posting!

Equally exciting is the fact that as of yesterday afternoon, our Twitter account hit 100 followers! There was celebratory balloons and home-made kazoos, per request! Have a Twitter? Follow us! We have a lot of fun on there, I promise!

As far as our website here goes, keep an eye out here as well for some updates to the main page and to the Dead House page that I plan on working on after I post this blog update! We’ve done a lot of work lately on finishing up some little extra with the Dead House game book, and I feel like we are THIS CLOSE to getting ready for a final draft and publication! I can’t possibly top news that good!


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