Lots of news since last week’s post!

So I have been excited to post some of these updates since last Friday, but made myself wait until this Thursday so we would have a post jam-packed with AWESOME!

Last Friday I went and got a P.O. Box for Wyrmhole Gaming! I feel so legitimate now! I have to say that the fellow who helped me out at the post office in Bozrah was extremely helpful and patient as well.

Now that our P.O. Box has been secured, our copyright application has been updated and submitted! BIG NEWS RIGHT HERE!

In other big news, our submission for Boston FIG is just about good to go, too. Submission deadline is this Saturday, so we’re cutting it a little close, but we think that we did a good job and made it as succinct as we possibly could in 7 pages or less!

Speaking of submissions, we also decided to update the full name of the game from just “Dead House” with a tagline of “We are watching…” to “Dead House: Watchers of the Night”! Below is our new logo for the game:


We think it looks and sounds pretty darn good! What do you all think?


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