Is it September yet??

So to summarize the last 2 weeks for us at Wyrmhole Gaming, we have been waiting and watching for updates from BFIG regarding their indie tabletop contest!

Per their Twitter, over 200 indie tabletop and digital games were entered into this year’s indie games showcase (about 78 tabletop games, I think the final statement was). BFIG and their volunteers now have to playtest every single game entered into the contest; wow! According to their contest rules page, they have until July 31st to notify the entrants as to whether or not they have been selected for the final showcase at MIT on September 13th during this year’s BFIG! As also stated on their rules page, “During the showcase, the attendees of Boston FIG (last year well over 7,500) will be allowed to play the games and vote on their  favorites. Among them 3 games will be chosen as the 2014 Boston FIG tabletop public favorites in the categories of Art, Innovation and Best Overall Game.” 

So for now we are still playtesting the game while we await the final say from BFIG, but we are definitely excited to have made it this far in their tabletop contest for 2014! Fingers crossed we will have some more good news about Dead House: Watchers of the Night and BFIG in the next month or so, so keep a look out for more of our updates! 🙂


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