Presenting: Darkstar!

Due to the fact that we are currently on hold with Dead House: Watchers of the Night while we await our final copyright information and printing, we at Wyrmhole Gaming have decided to switch gears and focus our creative power into something new for us: our low-fantasy RPG, Darkstar!

 Last night we had the opportunity to do our first ever playtest of Darkstar at our friend’s house, and the feedback was great! We are very excited to be really getting into the inner workings of our new universe, and seeing just what people do with it. Darkstar is run using our own Genesis System, just like Dead House: Watchers of the Night, but is set in a completely different time period, setting, and world as a whole.

In our first playtest of Darkstar the 4 player characters were started off in the free city of Rudyka, but just how “free” was the city to them? And just what happened to bring together these 4 unknown characters from 3 of the 6 available racial origin homelands and bind them together in a group?

Keep a look out for more information about our new endeavor: Darkstar!!!


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