Cartography skill unlocked!

 In the interim since last week’s post, we have been working diligently on mapping out the new world we have been playtesting in for Darkstar! Between the 5 main factions, and everything in between, we have been spending a lot of time with my art supplies and his written base for the world to come together with what exactly the realm of Darkstar would look like! This has been a lot of fun, but also a lot of work to make sure everything make sense and everything has its own place. I believe this deserves to get me a cartographer skill, though! 



Also in regards to Darkstar, we have been able to run a couple of more playtests as well. This has been exciting as now we are really starting to get into the inner workings of more of the sociopolitical part of how exactly the “free city” of Rudyka functions, and what that means to our players! We are excited to see which directions the player parties take, and who decides to take what actions! Another good thing is that, thus far, the feedback we are getting from the players has been positive as well (asides from the players wishing for a map… but we’re working on that!)

Asides from the goings on with Darkstar, in reference to Dead House: Watchers of the Night we have yet to hear back either way from BFIG regarding their final say on whether or not we have made it to the final round of their Indie Tabletop Games Showcase for 2014. We are waiting (generally!) patiently to hear from them by the end of this month, so keep your fingers crossed for us, please! 🙂


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