Two weeks to go until the 31st!

So what happens on the 31st, you might ask? Well, he 31st happens to be the final day that BFIG will be letting people who submitted their games to the Indie Tabletop Showcase know if their game made it into the finals or not! Our fingers are still crossed as we wait.. patiently (?) to hear back… go, Dead House: Watchers of the Night, and good luck to everyone else who made submissions to the Tabletop and Digital Showcases!

Regarding our low-fantasy game, Darkstar, we have been holding some more preliminary playtests and the consensus has still been positive! We are currently working on important write ups for Darkstar such as factions, NPCs of note, armor, weapons and weapon damages, as well as finishing up the map of the realm. Just having typed all of that out has made me realize just how busy we have been lately, and how much work we have actually been accomplishing! Wohoo 🙂 

In closing, I shall leave you with this random and bizarre comic I came across on Facebook. May interpretive dance always be your savior! 



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