And then, there was death.


I thought this photo was particularly adept as a lead in to my story for today! What story might this be? This would be the story of the first character death during Darkstar playtesting! 

The playtester who this befell happens to be our friend who has had the single most character deaths than anyone else during all our playtests of Darkstar and Dead House: Watchers of the Night. Generally speaking it’s not because he does something stupid, per se, but he definitely pushes his characters to the limit (example: being a human soldier-type character in Dead House: Watchers of the Night and rushing a group of frenzied vampires who thought of him as nothing more than a crunchy snack!) That being said, he totally bit the dust in the Warrior’s Calling fighting arena this past weekend when his character got a beautiful dagger-to-the-throat kill off on one of the NPC’s, only to be attacked from behind by another NPC weilding duel hand axes… ouch! Can we say double axe chops to the neck? Bam.

However, something good did come from this rather squishy situation! He made a new character (a Northman with a greataxe this time, as opposed to the Serpentman he had been playing previously) and wow, what a difference! He totally meshed with his new character, and kicked ass and took names all up and down the arena afterwards! We even got to try out some changes with die rolling mechanics, which also went swimmingly well!

The moral of the story? Remember to be aware of the going’ on around your character! Oh, and if your character dies, you might even come back stronger than ever! Game on! 🙂



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