Go, go gadget GM!

So on Tuesday BFIG posted on their Twitter that their latest newsletter was out, and in it some updates for the event as well as some information about the Indie Game Showcase. While they DID divulge some of the entrants that have been selected for the Showcase’s finals, they also said they won’t have all of the final games posted until sometime next week, with digital games being most likely announced sooner than tabletop.

That all being said, first and foremost we’d like to congratulate the indie devs whose games were chosen and posted in the newsletter! Secondly, we don’t envy the BFIG playtesting team at all for having to playtest so many games in such a short period of time… it’s too bad they didn’t have more time to give each game more of a playthrough and not have to worry about their timetable as much, but we definitely appreciate their work! Long story short? Keep those fingers and toes crossed still, folks!

In the interim, I’ve almost finished our prototype map for Darkstar, which is a really good thing considering I’m GMing a game of it for the first time tomorrow! Throughout most of our playtesting I’ve been a player who occasionally GMs, but this is my first time GMing for Darkstar so wish me luck! I have an interesting mission set hashed out, so it should be fun! More on that next blog post 🙂


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