Better, faster, stronger!

The good thing about vacation? Vacation!

The bad thing about vacation? Catching up once you get home!

That being said, hello everyone and welcome to our Saturday-instead-of-Thursday blog post for this week! As you all know, we have been awaiting news from Boston FIG regarding the final part of the process for their upcoming Festival of Indie Games Tabletop Game Contest. Our game, Dead House: Watchers of the Night, made it through their first and second rounds of entry and made it to their third round, which consisted of mailing up a prototype of the game to be playtested by their team of curators. They had to playtest over 100 games between the tabletop and digital game entries, and last year they only chose around 50 finalists between the two categories (digital and tabletop). Sadly, we got notice yesterday that we were not chosen for the final round of the contest, however they did state that “[they] will be sending our feedback out closer to festival time and hopefully that will provide some constructive criticism that you can use to tweak your design and show us what fools we have been” so we will await their feedback and see what we can do! We are looking forward to being able to use this as a way to better ourselves for future players. Not to mention, we were really close to getting into the finals, and we believe that that is something to be proud of in and of itself 🙂

Speaking of playtesting and future players, I ran my first mission of Darkstar last weekend, and the feedback I got was pretty good as well! I’ve only run missions on a handful of occasions, and have only run Dead House: Watchers of the Night previously as far as our games are concerned. I am happy to report that none of the player party was killed, and I didn’t have to drop a cow on anyone either! I left the player party off at a crossroad (metaphorically speaking), and spent part of the 4 1/2 hour ride home from vacation yesterday working on my next mission for them which will ideally be run next weekend. I definitely feel that GMing more missions is helping me feel more confident in my storytelling, so here’s hoping it keeps going well for me, as well as my player party!

So wish me luck as far as my missions go, and also wish us luck as we are trying to reformat the text set-up of Dead House: Watchers of the Night and it is being problematic for us! Technology is great, when it does what you want it to do, after all…


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