So, similar to last week, this week has been crazy busy with birthdays and work and this, that, and the other thing. Also, it has been severely lacking in focus.

We have been working on tweaking some more of the in depth game mechanics and this has been progressing, but it feels like it is going slowly. I know that this is one of those ‘slow and steady wins the race’ moments, but with some parts of the work that went a lot faster, it just feels like we are slogging along. Thus, it was pretty apropos this morning to log onto my Facebook to see this posted by someone:



Well, if that wasn’t meant to kick my focus into gear, I don’t know what will! So, I took to looking up some focus inspiration online, and found this short, sweet, and to the point pic:

Well lookie there! If we go by this obviously scientific plan layout, we’re pretty close to where we want to be! We are just picking through the game mechanics that have needed some work in our most recent playtests, and working on polishing it all up! That made me feel a lot less sluggish and a lot more motivated!

So, this Saturday we will be having another playtest, run either by myself in my current running mission set for ‘Darkstar’, or a friend of ours who is working on GMing for the first time ever with ‘Dead House: Watchers of the Night’. In both cases we are working with novice GMs and our own Genesis system. Wish us (and our playtesters) luck 🙂


(And in attempting to find a fun image to put at the end of this blog post, I came across some awesome RPG based t-shirts at! They are awesome!)


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