Formatting win!

So last week my father-in-law saved our sanity by helping us figure out what the heck was the matter with our formatting issue! Yay! Knowing, as they say, is half the battle, after all. This being diagnosed means that we can move forward with fixing the problem and thus get the game book in proper formatting for printing! download


Now we just need to finish nitpicking the game book and get it sent off for printing! If only it was that easy to stop nitpicking…

In similarly exciting news, one of our local gaming establishments, The Portal, is running a weekend long open house sort of event wherein they will be open Friday 9/5/14 through Sunday 9/7/14 NON-STOP for about 76 hours of gaming awesomeness! We will be going on down on Sunday the 7th with a couple of our awesome playtester friends to throw some dice and spread the word about us and Dead House: Watchers of the Night. It should be a great time 🙂

Also, we would like to give a shout-out to one of our playtesters (who has been my friend for forever!) and who also helped me create this website, Ashley, as she is getting married this Saturday the 6th! Congratulations, Ash!

In closing, this has taken me forever to write because my cat is trying to eat my soup. The end!


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