Vampires and Lycans and Fae, oh my!

So over the past few days, I’ve begun working more extensively on the enemy creation section of the GM part of our gamebook, which has been A LOT of fun for me. Why? Because I am a HUGE vampire nut! I’m going to go all hipster here and say that I liked vampires before they were “cool” (and before they sparkled… just saying), and I have been super excited to put my knowledge to good use.

Thus far I’ve fleshed out entirely our main concepts for Vampires and Therianthropes, including the lesser known counterparts of each such as living & dead strigoi, skin-walkers, shadow-walkers, and lycanthropes, cynanthropes, avianthropes, ailuranthropes respectively.

There are so many other fun enemy types to flesh out that I had to make myself a list to keep myself on track! The next one in the works of being done would be the Fae, for which we have the Seelie and Unseelie thus far. There is also a whole slew of other fun enemy types to write up, too, but I can’t spill them all! 🙂

Also, in attempting to Google search a fun image to put at the end of this blog, I came across this:


So just in case you were wondering, Pharrell is NOT a vampire. So he says.


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