Thursday, redux

So yesterday seems to have come and gone without a blog posting. Whoops! Thankfully this was not for lack of material, but lack of me remembering it was Thursday…

A lot has been done lately as far as the GM section of the game book for “Dead House: Watchers of the Night” has been concerned, most of the work being centered around the GM’s creation of enemies, and bios of the important NPC members of the House. We still have some work to do on the less common enemies we’ve seen (such as merfolk, geists, and reanimates), but we’ve gotten quite a bit done, as well as updating and adding to the bios of all of the mission-giving NPCs available.

As far as the beginning of each section on a possible type of an enemy, we’re adding in some firsthand knowledge from some of the more prominent members of the House as well. We’ve also added little introductions to the character races avialable for player character creations. As follows is the GM portion’s excerpt on Daemons from the House’s resident Dread Lady Daemon, Ekaterina Sasul, which I think that pretty well covers our Daemons mentality in a nutshell!

“Fear, anger, rage, destruction. All of them are tools in a palette that we only are capable of truly tapping into. For those who master these tools, the world becomes a plaything. And for those who fail to meet expectations…they serve us.” ~Ekaterina Sasul

On a similar note, we are happy to also be having one of our playtesters attempt her first try at GMing during our next session tomorrow as well! Her questions and input regarding the GM section of the game book have been an invaluable source of information, and we are excited to see what she has in store for us all. Game on!

Also on hand for tomorrow will be this really awesome wine I found today. It’s called Haunted, and it’s a “blood red wine”. The label supposedly glows in the dark, too! (Damien obviously thought it was pretty interesting 🙂 )



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