So October is here which, in our house, means it’s almost Halloween!


I love Halloween, as does Ian and quite a few of our friends, thus we always do a Halloween-themed mission for ‘Dead House: Watchers of the Night’ right before Halloween! Last year it had to do with Dr. Frankenstein’s immortal scientist wife who was building a constructed undead army, and the previous year it was about a series of supposed vampire rapists on the west coast. I run the annual Halloween mission and I always try to make it have something to do with real paranormal lore, but with a twist!

That being said, we’re beginning to cook up ideas for this year’s Halloween-themed mission, and I felt like I was lacking material. Ian started a new job last week, also, (yay!) and thus we’ve had less time to work on the edits to the game book as well. The combination of those two things was making me feel completely stuck, until I had an idea today!

A group of us (friends, playtesters, etc.) have come up with the (epic) idea to volunteer at a local haunted house. What better place to come up with some cool inspirational ideas for missions than checking out and helping behind-the-scenes at what is “Connecticut’s #1 Scariest Haunted House”?

Thus I am feeling great today about getting some neat new ideas for not only our upcoming Halloween mission, but also for possibly some neat ideas to add into other missions as well! My lesson of the day: Don’t worry if you feel stuck on an idea or concept, because inspiration can be found anywhere! Game on 🙂



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