Gming = group + (history x imagination)

I have decided that there is a mathematical explanation for how to GM.

Last night we had a playtest at our friend’s house. Ian was the GM, and there were 4 player characters in our group. Ian has recently started up this campaign and it’s been pretty interesting so far, with a lot of historical Asian characters sprinkled over-top of our post-WWIII paranormal universe. We are currently dealing with the rebirth of Shin-Oni, the God Demon, who is working with reanimated Oda Nobunaga and Fuma Kotaro to obtain the three weapon artifacts of Shin-Ryu, the God Dragon. While our party currently has Shin-Ryu on our side, he is currently disabled and weakly powered as his artifacts are scattered, however Shin-Oni, Oda, and Fuma have no lack of power whatsoever!

Suffice to say that the game last night had some scary moments of big hits, lots of enemies, and an epic roll-off between player and GM: I’ve never seen so many 20’s get rolled! Long story short, we managed to complete our current mission and extract without anyone dying; thus we live to fight another day! Then again, so did Shin-Oni, Oda, and Fuma….


Thus came about my mathematical explanation for GMing:

Gming = group + (history x imagination)

Ok, so you are Gming. You come up with your idea, which is a part imagination and a part history, be it actual history or history based in your game world. Add that together with your group and bam! You are GMing! (If only it really was that easy, right?!)

Anyways, enough of me attempting to math storytelling; I’ve been working on tweaking some of the enemy write-ups for the GM section this morning, so I think finishing up some of that would be a better way to spend my time!

Game on!


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