On being “different”.


I enjoy the above fish picture, as it can be taken a couple of ways. Obviously, being an individual means being different. By saying, “Be yourself and be noticed”, I think this nicely encompasses the fact that being different makes you noticed, but that being noticed is not necessarily always a “good” thing.

Being different means that, generally speaking, you’re trying or doing something that is not common and thus something that others have either not done before or have done infrequently. This can be taken a few ways: the good, the bad, and the in-between. Some people will think it’s neat, some people will wonder why you haven’t stuck to the norm, and some people will just be like eh, whatever. There is no way to please everyone, and if there was there is a good chance there would only be one version of everything because everyone loved it (which sounds kinda boring, I think).

In August I posted a screenshot from Twitter on our blog here with a great quote from freelance game designer Kevin Wilson, but there was actually a lot more to his quotes than what I had posted. He states, in its entirety:

“When someone takes a shot at a game you created, smile, thank them for their time, and say that you hope they like your next game better. There’s always a twitch to get defensive, but that’s not a good use of your energy. Take a deep breath, and get back to making games. Always remember that everyone has different tastes. Your game can’t and won’t appeal to everyone, and some are going to be verbally upset. Just do the best you can, make games you love, and the rest will take care of itself, ultimately.”

Do what you love, love what you do. Don’t stray from your core beliefs, in game creation or in life. Make it yours and make it great!


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