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So last week we made some super big epic changes to our character sheets for the Genesis System. We were nervously excited to try them out at our playtest last Saturday, but the responses from our players were resoundingly favorable! Huzzah!

Overall we changed almost the entire setup and layout of the character sheets, as well as the amount of skills able to be taken and gave skills overarching “types”: weapon systems, core skills, and utility skills. This was done in hopes of making skills easier to locate on the character sheet, as opposed to searching the entire skill “block” area for a certain skill. I think that this was the biggest and most noticeable change, and people really seemed to be on the same bandwagon as we were in that this made accounting for your skills a lot more functional. Which is exciting, as sometimes what you think is a great idea is functionally, well, not!

We are headed out the door shortly here to do our second playtest with the new character sheets over at a friend’s house, too, and we’re equally anticipating our second group’s response to the new character sheets!


I’ve also personally been hard at work on my annual Halloween-themed “Dead House: Watchers of the Night” mission, which will be taking place on this Saturday. I can only say that I’ve been researching Japanese mythology for my mission so stay tuned for updates 🙂







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