Thankful for GM’s!

So while looking around for some online recently, I came across this and thought it was awesome:


“Gaming. It’s not whether you win or lose; it’s how longer afterward people are talking about it.”

I think this is totally spot on! (I mean okay, let’s get the fact out of the way first off that no one really enjoys losing, because I’ve never really met anyone who prefers losing to winning…)

But, the point I’m trying to make is that I believe, now having GM’ed more times on my own and getting deeper into writing the GM portion of the game books, that GM’s are under-appreciated. I’m sure there’s a bunch of GM’s out there going, “DUH!” right now, but it is true. PC’s have to make characters, and yes that can be hard, too, but GM’s have to make everything else, and have that ‘everything else’ be functional and immersive and fun all at the same time! A LOT goes into making missions, and even more goes into making campaigns, from mapping to NPC creation to worlds and bosses and exploration…. wow!

Thus I declare this post the official ‘We Are Thankful for GM’s’ post. Cheers to you, the GM’s, the creators of worlds, the destroyers of PC’s, and the droppers of cows. Cheers to those who have tried to GM but maybe found out it wasn’t quite for them, because trying something new is hard. And cheers to those of you who make it happen for all of those tabletop players. game on! 🙂


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