Took a break, FTW!

So I’d been feeling really guilty about us taking a 2 week hiatus from working on anything related to our game work. I know that sometimes it’s a really good thing to take a break from something you’ve been working on, so that when you come back to it you are refreshed and can see things from a different angle than you might have before, but I couldn’t help but feel like we were doing something wrong.

This past Thursday was the first playtest we’d done in the past 2 weeks, and not only did it go really well and everyone had a lot of fun, but we felt like our playtesters actually stepped out of the box a little bit more than usual and tried their hand at some of the changes we’ve made recently, to both the character sheet as well as to some of the powers themselves. We also have a playtest today, which we’re hoping goes equally well. It was also nice to go back to everything after taking our “space” because it made me, personally being a player as opposed to the GM, realize a couple of things we need to take some more time on in the game book itself; for example, I’d forgotten whether heal over time spells/ regenerations tick on the player’s turn or the GM’s turn. Little things like that, while they seem “little” in the grand scheme of everything else, are REALLY important, too!

Equally exciting to us getting back into the swing of things with our gaming was a conversation I had with my bestie, Ashley, whose help has been invaluable to us during these processes, from helping me build our website to being one of our playtesters. That being said, I can’t explain 100% what our conversation was about (it’s a secret!) but Ian thought it was a neat idea, too, and it will be a really neat, different way to bring our in-house playtests to our internet followers! This WILL take a little while to get rolling, but once it does we really feel like it will be epic!

And just FYI, this is not the idea….


Game on! 🙂


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