I’m going to start off this blog post with a question: has anyone ever used or heard things about CreateSpace? I was recently told about it by my 81-year-old aunt (I am obviously behind the times….) and it looks pretty intriguing, but we’d like to hear some personal information and reviews about it. Thanks in advance!

Now getting into the more update-y part of this blog-y goodness:

Our goal recently was to find out what the most important parts of a game book are, and to give those chapters some extra oomph. Two of these “important” parts are the character creation section and the GM section.

Both the character creation and the GM sections of a game book should be pretty beefy and inclusive, due to the fact that without GMing or characters, there really wouldn’t be a game. Thus we’re focusing not only on the literal information everyone would need, such as weapon types, but also on some of the flavor aspects, such as what makes a vampire a vampire and WHY you want to play one. The why is equally as important as the what. Getting into the background of a PC-available “race” and giving players the generalized mentality of a lycanthrope in warform versus a skinwalking vampire might make or break a player’s desire to try a “race”, or their ability to relate an identify with a “race” or mentality thereof.

Similarly, knowing all there is to know about all possible NPC “types”, “races”, “classes”, whatever you call them by, can only be of benefit to a GM, especially with new material. Let’s face it: there are a LOT of different lores and variations of many paranormal creatures. A Fae to you might be Tinkerbell, while a Fae to someone else might be a boggart, while to yet another person a Fae might be much more humanoid.

Long story short, “oomph” matters! But so does creativity, so don’t forget to have fun! game on 🙂



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