Happy holidays!

We apologize for not having posted a blog last week, but with Christmas being this Thursday, we have been quite busy.

Thankfully, however, we were able to have a playtest this past Saturday, which had a really great conversation afterwards brainstorming some new concepts and ideas. It will be exciting to have something new to look forward to playtesting in the new year! I can happily report, also, that another recent big change we have been playtesting these past couple of months seems to be going well: not only do the players like it but it seems to be functional and helpful as well. nothing like a good win-win situation to make us happy as indiedevs 🙂 We will, however, be putting off any of playtests until after Christmas is over, due to scheduling conflicts and familial obligations.

That being said, I decided to look up “gaming Christmas” on Google under images to get our blog in the holiday spirit, and I was not disappointed!


Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, blessed Solstice, happy Kwanzaa, and happy Tuesday to all of our playtesters and online followers! Thank you for your support, and game on!


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