Happy New Year!

The beginning 2015 was celebrated by Wyrmhole Gaming by having some friends over for food, fun, and Cards Against Humanity. We hope you all had a happy and safe ringing in of the New Year as well 🙂

So with the New Year usually comes a smattering of resolutions and resolution-makers, as illustrated by the following Robert Downey Jr. meme:


We at Wyrmhole Gaming have decided to NOT make resolutions this year. Why, you ask? Well, even if you didn’t ask, I will tell you why!

From the beginning of our journey into creating our own game, which has turned into the Genesis System as well as Dead House: Watchers of the Night, Darkstar, and Project: Utopia, we have had the goal of creating games that a variety of people can play, games that are fun to play, and games that make sense. This still is our goal, and it is a goal that we have been working on now for approximately 6 years. Wow!

We have made significant strides and movement forward in these past few years thanks to hard work and lots of playtesting, and we will continue to keep at it and make our games the best they can be until we can publish them for the rest of you all to play! That is, and has been, our mission since the beginning, and thus we don’t need any new “resolutions”. We are going to keep on keeping on, and we will make 2015 an amazing year! Game on!


3 comments on “Happy New Year!

  1. Anthony Tata a says:

    hey guys… how is dead house coming along? Ian I was wondering if in the summer when CK comes over if I could tag along to and you could possibly teach me some staff and sword stuff?

    From Anthony(the kid who had the broken leg)

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