An alliance

We are excited to announce that we will soon be allying with the Indie Game Alliance to bring information about Wyrmhole Gaming and our games to more people! We were recently contacted by Matt (whose personal account was actually our 100th follower on our Twitter account!) and in checking out their website, Facebook, and Twitter, we were definitely on board! Check out their website to see all sorts of indie game developer news, such as a list of the Alliance’s members, new game releases, games soon to be released, as well as games currently crowdfunding.


They also have a link for people looking for fun volunteer opportunities: “The Brotherhood of Minions is a team of volunteers who appear at conventions, game stores and events promoting tabletop games made by our Alliance partner studios. Volunteers get awesome rewards like games, swag, and limited edition loot.” For more information on that aspect of the Indie Game Alliance, click here.

Asides from that exciting news, we are looking forward to also taking a good look at our character sheet layout and the way skills level as well. We’ve been trying a couple of new ideas regarding these ideas at our recent playtests, so we’ll see what makes the preliminary cut!

Keep an eye out for these updates, as well as other new things, to come your way from us here at Wyrmhole Gaming! Game on! 🙂


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