Progress is gooooood

If you read last week’s blog post, you know that we were working on becoming a part of the Indie Game Alliance. This week were are happy to say that we are indeed now a part of the Indie Game Alliance (aka “IGA”), along with 137 awesome other indie game developer groups! I would definitely suggest checking out the IGA website, Twitter, and Facebook pages for neat game updates from our indie developer cohorts. We are very excited to be a part of IGA!

We also have been working on revising the character sheets (again)! I think this is up to version 5 now, but with every revision it is getting better and more inclusive. The biggest change our playtesters will be seeing this time around will be that the character sheets are now two pages. This was done in order to give our players extra room to write, since not everything can always fit in a 1″x6″ rectangle…

We have also made some changes to character’s skill allotments and added a new skill section called “Character Core”. There are currently 6 skills in this section, and these will be skills that make your character “tick”. We are interested in seeing how our playtesters respond to these skills during our next playtest!

Speaking of playtests, here is a little snippet of gaming wisdom from Gaming Geeks on Facebook:



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