We rolled a 1 against Mother Nature

So if you, like us, live in the Northeast, you’ve been clobbered with about 2 feet of snow this past week and have the threat of another foot of snow supposedly Sunday. Wow! This means that we’ve had a long weekend and WAY too much shoveling, but also that we have had time to work on gaming things.


This is our creative consultant, Kunai, helping out with some of the recent game book design work we’ve been doing. He is such a big help to me when I’m drawing because he’s a great paperweight, and also always makes sure I take breaks and that I don’t work too hard. I’ve been doing a lot of research on gothic architecture a la Bran Castle and Notre Dame Cathedral, as well as more modern churches and the like for brainstorming, and it’s been great fun!

We’ve also been reading other currently published game books (for games we have and have not played previously) just for research purposes (ex: set-up, content, diagrams/ pictures, etc.) The most interesting reads for me are the game books for games I haven’t played before (such as Exalted). Researching has definitely given us a few new things to add to our ‘to do’ list!

As if we’ve had a lack of research going on in our house lately next Saturday is the birthday of our fearless leader, and my husband, Ian! Every year we do a game day for his birthday, and I run a mission, which means I really need to get on my mission planning! I have some ideas floating around, but I can’t share them yet because it would blow the surprise!

And in searching for a closing photo, I Googled ‘RPG’ in an attempt to find something role-playing game related. I got a bunch of rocket-propelled grenade launchers, which are equally interesting. So in closing, here is a Lego man with an RPG! Game on!



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