Character creation at the core: “races”

This week we have done quite a bit of work on the character creation part of the game book, for player’s as well as for the GM’s sections. Ever since our game session last Saturday where I had my “character creation is important” epiphany, I have made it my current goal to make sure the character creation sections in our game book are as informational and functional as possible. Oh, and making things equally functional for players and GM’s, too, with equal amounts of information where need be, versus different types of information each party may be using as well.

As follows is the current opening about therianthropes:

Therianthropes, our catchall phrase for any animal-based shapeshifter, are a dangerous breed. Therianthropy is the overarching term for a human who can shapeshift into an animal or avian form. The most commonly known form of therianthropy is lycanthropy, or the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a wolf-like hybrid. Other forms of therianthropy include cynanthropy (shapeshifting into a non-wolf dog form), ailuranthropy (shapeshifting into a cat form, generally a large cat such as a panther or tiger), ursianthropy (shapeshifting into a bear form), and avianthropy (shapeshifting into a bird form).

We are also working on adding in some material about each type of “race” in game (from vampires and therianthropes to Fae folk and spectres, etc.) that give more of a feel as to what the race is like at their core, such as this statement from Dacen Valu, head of House Valu (aka the Dead House):

“Night born hunters are we, the Vampire. Walking the world shrouded in dark disdain, we seek the life blood of the living to sustain our facsimile of existence. In Houses both Great and Minor, we gather our strength and kin, each House a Bloodline of Power, hailing to the most ancient of times. Some would say we all hail from a single font of power, but I know this to be a false truth. Such are many of the ‘facts’ that we have spread amongst the waking world.”

It is our hope that giving more insight into the characters players and GM’s can create will lead to them creating better characters!


On a completely unrelated note, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I have been waiting for this day to share this funny comic! Have a good weekend, and game on!



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