Making a list, checking it 400 times…

This past week we have focused a lot on updating our to-do list for our game book edits. We have made A LOT of changes over the past year that need to be correctly integrated into the game book, and have corresponding updates being made to the rest of the book’s content.

I have been working a lot on the character creation sections over the past couple of weeks total, including PC character creation for the player’s and NPC character creation for the GM’s. Ian has been doing a lot of work on adding more to the core background of the game world, including more on inter- and intra-racial politics.

This weekend we are running one of our first games using the Genesis System for Darkstar with what we are currently calling ‘Hardcore Mode’, where the NPC’s have less impediments and are closer to fighting other actual player characters. The NPC’s will have more skills at their disposal, and more points to be allotted to said skills. We’ve yet to run anything like this so far, so we are interested to see how it all goes! Ian will be running the mission, so I have no idea what he has in store for us! Stay tuned for next week’s update as to if we all survive or not 🙂


Game on!


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