Editing and artwork and magic!

So as stated in last week’s blog post, we tried a mission in Darkstar last weekend on “hardcore mode”. In “hardcore mode”, the enemy NPCs have more skills, more points in said skills, and are capable of making tactical strikes. Our playtesters started new characters for the session, and we were ready for epic throwdowns! The only problem was that everyone seemed to be dice cursed all night long: everyone was rolling really low, including the GM. Personally I had an amusing dice shaming moment when I rolled a 1 and my magical earthen spikes turned into a nice massage for my prone enemies! We did finish the mission and get some cool things done, but our low rolls across the board made damage and hit rolls a bit less scary. We are looking forward to some more missions run on “hardcore mode” to see how the dice fall in the future, though.


This week we have been working on two things mainly as far as the game book is concerned: editing and artwork.

The current state of the game book was read through multiple times and notes, additions, or areas to revisit were marked (and colour coded!) for review.

As far as our artwork for the game book is concerned, we polled some of our playtesters regarding cover art concepts for Dead House: Watchers of the Night. We did this as a blind poll, asking mainly for their opinions without revealing our ideas, and everyone had basically one of three answers, which was very interesting to us. We now have been working on a new cover art design with the plan to move the current cover art onto the back cover as opposed to being on the front cover, and we have been working on some artwork of important playable NPC characters for their biography sections. I feel like we have a renewed sense of purpose as to the direction we’re going with our artwork plans, and this is exciting!

We are unable to run playtests these next two weeks due to scheduling incongruities, but we have plans for work on the aforementioned in the game book, and right now we are having a brainstorm session about magic and superpowers!


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