And all that (political) jazz…

As many of you are aware, politics are a big thing. Each area has intra-political and extra-political activities and relationships that shape a lot of actions for everyone involved, whether they made the political decisions or not!

The same can be said in the world of Dead House: Watchers of the Night. If you think politics are crazy in our “real world”, imagine politics in the future involving humans and paranormal folks, too! Both the human race and the paranormal races all have had politics for their own systems that have been in effect for years upon years (granted, the human politics have more flux about them, but nonetheless) and now everyone is trying to accommodate everyone else, or not!

That being said, we have been spending a great deal of time lately looking at the politics of all of the “races” we have available in game, and how they will be affecting the people in the game world. For example, lycanthropes are very much so pack minded: where an Alpha and Omega are the leaders, and the rest of the group falls into a power-based hierarchy. Vampires, however, are much more of a dynastic familial lineage, where a Master Vampire leads his or her House and inter-House dealings can be either friendly extensions of the family or a deadly courteous game. The Fae folk are separated into Courts based mainly upon birthright, power, and demeanor, and the Courts are similar to those of the kings and queens of old.

However, as I said earlier, politics aren’t just about how you deal with other people like you, but also how you deal with those who are different. We now need to imagine how a democratic country would have political dealings with a Vampiric House, or how a monarchical country would politically deal with a lycanthrope pack, and so on. Going further, we need to imagine how a Vampiric House would deal with a Fae Court.

Long story short, we have been having fun lately! Art imitates life, after all! We have been hard at work, but we are working on things that do take some time to get polished. Progress is progress though!

In closing, now that I’ve talked political mumbo-jumbo, here is a funny thought for your day. Game on!



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