All of the gaming holidays!

Our last blog post was partially about TableTop Day, which was April 11th this year. We didn’t celebrate on April 11th due to the flu, but we were able to get together a good group of playtesters this past Saturday for a playtest, including one of our first ever playtesters who had been out of the loop for a little while. not only was it great fun, but the new character sheets (with the addition of the Character Core section) seem to be working out very well!

We are now currently gearing up to celebrate Free Comic Book Day, which is May 2nd, 2015. We’ve been invited to come down and set up a little gaming fun at a local comic and gaming shop, Sarge’s. It should be a lot of fun, so if anyone is around the New London, Connecticut area stop on over and check it out! We’re working on cooking up some game art, as well as some grab-and-go character sheets for easy start-up playing.

In the interim, I’ve also learned about the existence of Free RPG Day, which is June 20th, 2015. I never knew there were so many gaming holidays! While we don’t have any solid plans yet for Free RPG Day, Connecticon is the week before (June 9-12) in Hartford, Connecticut! We haven’t been to Connecticon in quite awhile, so we’re excited to go check out the con this year. We won’t be vending at it or anything, but it will be fun to just go and scope it all out. Plus we’re planning some cosplay fun, too!

Boston FIG‘s Indie Gaming Showcases have also opened up for submissions (they have tabletop and digital categories) for their festival, which takes place on September 12th, 2015. We’re working on our submission for 2015, so wish us luck and stay tuned!



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