Art and bios

So this week we’ve gotten back into the swing of things after having overtime at work and then having the flu! Ian has been doing some work on expanding the NPC bios for the game book, whereas I’ve been working on some artwork for the game book. We’ve also had the help of a couple of our wonderful playtesters working on the bios and artwork as well. We’re definitely gifted with some epic folks! I have mainly been working on a nighttime shot of the Dead House’s main base of operations, Nachtholme, so check out my work in progress:


Nachtholme is a magically-crafted chateau, created entirely from indigenous white and gray marble. Nestled between rocky ledges, it is a naturally impregnable location on a small island north of Germany. Don’t let it’s gothic facade fool you though; Nachtholme is up to date with the newest technology available thanks to the House’s tech-savvy agents. Coupled with magical barriers of all types, and combined with raw firepower and the paranormal, Nachtholme has ways of being found only by those it wishes to be, and woe be to those who seek it out maliciously!

This past week, we also had the opportunity to take a trip on our to Sarge’s in New London, which is an all-inclusive tabletop gaming ans comic book store. We were invited to come down and be a part of their Free Comic Book Day festivities on Saturday May 2nd, along with some other local game devs and comic writers, so it sounds like it will be a super fun day! Thus we are going to be spending some time preparing for that, as well as keeping up on the work we’ve been doing lately on the game book itself, as we’re trying to get as much ready as possible to get in our 2015 submission for Boston FIG!

Long story short, we’re starting to get busy and it’s exciting!

Keep an eye out for our weekly updates, and game on!


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