Branching out!

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day 2015, and we had the pleasure of spending the day down at Sarge’s Comics and Games in New London. It was a great experience, as we got to meet and chat up a lot of folks in the area, and it was technically the first time we’ve done anything publicly (not including going down to game stores and playing there!). A lot of the folks we spoke to seemed interested in our company and the games, and we handed out a lot of business cards. It was cool to hear people we had never met before saying that our ideas sounded interesting, too! We also realized that we need to work on more visuals for presentation purposes, which is on our to do list. Thankfully one of our amazing playtesters is also a very skilled artist, so we had a couple of fun pieces for yesterday 🙂


That was part of our set up yesterday, and the following picture is the artwork our playtester, Beth, did for one of our other games, “Darkstar”:


She is so talented! Many thanks to her for her continuing awesomeness 🙂

Another exciting thing that came from yesterday was speaking to some of the employees at Sarge’s and having them suggest we do some larger open playtests down at their store. We’ll be working on facilitating that this week, and going down to visit their current D&D group to talk about “Dead House: Watchers of the Night” and see if they have any interest as well.

One of the promotional pieces we had at Sarge’s yesterday was a pre-built game mission with some pre-built characters and notes for the DM. We plan on updating this information to our website in the future under a tab for promotions. We hope that people who are interested in seeing a bit more about what “Dead House: Watchers of the Night” is about will check it out, try it out, and give us some feedback! Stay tuned for this all soon 🙂

In closing, here is a picture of Damien overseeing my concept art work the other night at midnight. He is such a good helper.


Game on!


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