A new GM appears!

First and foremost, we would like to thank our playtester, Beth, for all of her help this week being my tech support person for our website. While the website is still under a bit of construction, it’s a lot further along than it had been thanks to all of Beth’s help!

That being said, we’re mainly working on two new pages of the website: Promotional Materials and Behind the Games. The Promotional Materials page will house all of our promotional information for our games, whereas Behind the Games is a bit about our personal gaming backgrounds and a thank you blurb for our playtesters.

We are still working on figuring out a good day to go down to Sarge’s during the week and set up a playtest group there (note: if we talked to you at Sarge’s, please check your email!). Thanks to Joe from Sarge’s for helping us work on coordinating our playtests, too!

Also, while we had previously posted that we were working on our entry for this year’s Boston Festival of Indie Games Tabletop Contest, we decided not to enter this year due to, as I put it, “life happening”. We had a hard time coordinating a video taping playtest this week, and we had a semi unexpected funeral service to attend, along with the fact that we are working on adopting a child and things got a little bit involved and stressful. The feedback from BFIG last year was great, even though we didn’t make it into the contest, and the folks from BFIG were lovely people. We wish all of the indie folks who entered the contests much luck!

We are looking forward to a playtest tomorrow, though, with one of our current playtesters trying his hand at GMing a mission of “Dead House: Watchers of the Night”! It’s always great when we can get folks who want to try to GM so we can get new perspectives on our game and the rulebook. We are eternally grateful to our playtesters for all of the hard work they put into our games!

Long story short? Stay tuned for our weekly blog post updates, as well as changes to our website! Hope you all have a great weekend! And, as always: Game on 🙂



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