What giving back looks like.

So unless you don’t follow PC/ console gaming, or you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that The Witcher: Wild Hunt was released this week to much excitement from the gaming community. I know that Ian has been waiting (im)patiently for this game to drop for over a year for a few reasons, the main one being he is a big fan of the previous games and the books.

The Witcher game series was created by an indie dev group out of Poland, CD Projekt RED, and is based on the book series by Andrzej Sapkowski. Wild Hunt is the third installment of The Witcher game franchise, and right now both the game and CD Projekt RED as a company are blowing up social media with epic reviews.

You may wonder why I’m telling you this, but I do have a point. A very important point.

There have been a lot of problems in recent years with game companies just pumping out games just to get their games out on the market without them being really “polished”, per se. Game companies also seem to be trying to get the most out of gamer’s wallets, too, creating all sorts of additions and DLC content that are sold as extra add-ons for extra money. CD Projekt RED was having none of that!


CD Projekt RED decided to push back the release date of The Witcher: Wild Hunt a couple of times, because they felt that the game wasn’t ready, and they wanted it to be perfect prior to being released. Now that the game has been released, it has been gaining reviews that are through the roof from players, as well as top gaming reviewers. Not to mention, when they realized that the download copies were to be available at 7pm Monday night but the hard copies weren’t available until midnight, they made the decision to release ALL copies of the game at 7pm Monday night. Gamers around the world rejoiced!


All because CD Projekt RED decided to go for quality over speed of game design, The Witcher: Wild Hunt has blown everyone away with its attention to detail, amazing graphics, stellar storyline and questing, and the fact that there are little-to-no bugs in game. Wow! Not to mention, as a fan of lore and artwork, it is just completely on point!


What really impressed us, though, was something fairly simple: a thank-you note to the buyer of the game from the game company that was included in the game case:


Not only is this classy as heck, but it really made us feel like we, as the gamer and consumer, were more than just a cash cow to CD Projekt RED; we actually feel like we matter! And 16 free DLCs? That’s just the icing on the cake! But wait, there’s more? Decals and a game music disc and a lore book and a manual? Sprinkles on the icing on the cake!

Long story short, CD Projekt RED has just blown everyone away with there amazing game as well as their dedication to the players. An indie dev company has just blown the games and practices of bigger gaming companies WAY out of the water. By caring about their game and the people playing it, CD Projekt RED has completely upped the bar for any future games from any company, and I feel like a lot of the practices they have implemented should be put into practice by a lot of entrepreneurs.

By taking their time on their product, giving back to their consumers, and by thanking the people who make them able to do what they do, CD Projekt RED sold enough copies of The Witcher: Wild Hunt BEFORE THE RELEASE DATE to cover the entirety of the game’s development costs, garnered some of the highest reviews ever, and have impressed legions of happy gamers.

We at Wyrmhole Gaming believe that these ideas are integral to good games, and we will strive to make only games that we feel are good and are ready to be played, and we appreciate the support of all of you: our social media followers, our playtesters, and our buyers-to-be! Strive for excellence, and you will have the best – am I right or what!

Game on! 🙂


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