Character Core extrapolation

As we’ve blogged about previously, we recently added in a new part of the character sheet for player characters: the Character Core.

The Character Core originally was made up of six different components: Precision, Physique, Conditioning, Technology, Focus, Willpower, and Presence, each with up to 5 points to be allocated based on the player character’s individual skills and skill progressions. The concept of adding in the Character Core originally was to provide bonus odds for the players, so luck was less of a factor. The Character Core levels everything out a bit, so luck and skill are approximately equal factors for the players to be dealing with now.

After last night’s playtest, we had a great conversation with our 3 playtesters who were present about the Character Core, and how they thought it was going. We had a great back-and-forth brainstorming session, wherein we decided to try to change up the Character Core a little bit during our next few playtests and see what happens! The main concept of the Character Core is staying the same, but the allocation of points, and options of where to put the points as well as how to use the points, will be changing up! We’re very interested to see how this functions for our playtesters, as the Character Core in general has been a hit 🙂

Also, if anyone has had a chance to check out our Promotional Materials section of the website, drop us a message and let us know what you think!

And as always: game on!



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