For the discerning operative

Hello, and Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there!


We have been busy this past week working on a lot of things for our adoption agency, as our home study is this coming Saturday! We also took some time to Skype with Manny from Gaming for Adoption the middle of this past week: he has asked us to be their first featured family on the release of their new website and concurrent 48-hour stream starting this coming Saturday, June 27th! They’re good folks bringing awareness to adoption and trying to make a difference, so look them up on their website, Facebook, or Twitter 🙂 They do streams of various games during the week, so there’s probably a little bit of something for everyone!

As far as Wyrmhole Gaming and our games are concerned, we’ve been focusing more on tweaking edits we’ve been working on for the Character Core. We have also been working on a typed-out copy of the Genesis System Solo (as I titled the document), which is JUST the Genesis System rules in general – not affiliated with a specific roleplaying world. A few people have asked us if we are planning on releasing solely the Genesis System rules independent from a game world, and we are indeed working on it!

I also promised I’d post this last week, but didn’t follow through on my word! As follows is an epic picture one of our multi-talented playtesters, Beth, made up from a funny moment in one of our last playtests recently wherein one of our player characters (a construct) was trying to up his stealth rating! So have a laugh, and game on!



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