Mini update!

This week we had the pleasure of throwing some dice for the first time in almost a month! We had a game session at our friends’ house, and even had 2 new players join us! We had 6 players total, all with new characters built that evening, and Ian was the GM. While the game session itself was a little short due to time spent bringing everyone up to speed and character creation, we had a lot of fun and had great feedback from everyone involved. Feedback from playtesters is always a very important thing; but feedback from brand-new playtesters is also as important as feedback from veteran playtesters as well!

We’re looking forward to the month of July, wherein our personal schedules will (ideally) calm down a bit, leaving some more free time for us to focus on our games and playtesting some more. As I’ve mentioned previously, we’re making some tweaks to the recently added Character Core, and seeing how these Cores function with the player characters and playtesters.

Also in July, we’re excited to be going to Connecticon! Ian has never been and I haven’t been in about 10 years, so it will definitely be a fun experience! We’re looking forward to checking¬†everything out, including some of the epic guests they’ll be having (like George Takei!!).

And, in closing, I was trying to find a good photo to add to this post, and I randomly came across this:


There was no way I could NOT post that picture, so enjoy your weekend, and game on!

(And remember to have your pets spayed or neutered!)


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