New concepts

Happy July! We hope everyone had a nice 4th of July, whether it’s a holiday for you or not 🙂

We finally had the opportunity to have a Saturday playtest day this past weekend for the first time in about a month! We are very happy that our personal life schedules are calming down a bit to allow us some more time for game work. Ian ran a mission in the ‘Dead House: Watchers of the Night’ universe, wherein the 4 playtesters all created brand-new characters, but we decided to try a new way of beginning the characters and the mission in the game world, so we’ll see how everything falls into place as we continue the story.

Usually game missions begin in the Mulligan Shots bar, which is a storefront for the House, and operatives have been invited to participate in a mission as part of the House. In this particular instance, the player party characters started off as a group of independent contractors who were unaffiliated with the House but who want to be invited to the House in the future, and are attempting to prove their worth. This means no immediate access to the House’s resources, weapons, technology, or senior operatives: it’s just your team and your skills!

So far the player party pretty much owned the first mission, which was a nice mix of fighting, diplomacy, and group thinking. I am personally loving my new character, which is an Unseelie Fae (autumnal) with illusion and corruption magics and dual handguns. The other player characters we had last mission included a technological construct, a human “witch”, and another Fae. The mission ended up involving some Fae lore, which was a good coincidence that we had some lore knowledge and diplomacy going on!


We’re thinking that this may be a neat option for a different way to begin game missions, and a possible secondary way to play campaigns. The feedback was good thus far, so we’ll keep on playing and see how it all goes!

Game on! 🙂


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