This is an accurate description of how we feel about it being Friday:


That being said, sorry for the delayed post! We definitely try to post weekly, but somehow 10 days snuck on by. Silly sneaky days.

So in the interim since last posting, we’ve have 3 playtests! This has been a record for us lately since we’d taken a month off due to work and contractors working on our house, and it feels great to get back into gaming! We also had the opportunity to catch up with one of our playtesters from Dead House 1.0, when we started about 5 years ago, this week and he seemed to really enjoy all of the updates we’ve made to the game system in the interim. We really like it when not only our new playtesters think things work well and are cool, but when our veteran playtesters also think the changes we’ve made are better than what we had going on before!

We also are planning a playtest with some of our veteran playtesters in the near future, wherein we plan on having a brainstorming session to bounce some updated ideas off of them and see what they think! Have to be vague for now, but hopefully we can update you on some neat ideas in the near future 🙂

So have a lovely Friday and an awesome weekend, and game on!



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