So first off, we’d like to apologize for our lack of posts! The one thing about being indie is that our progress is directly proportional to our amount of free time, which we’ve not had much of lately!

That being said, even though we’ve not been much of an online presence, we have been doing some work on the game system itself over the past few weeks. We’ve been really looking at some of the game system mechanics for our Genesis System, and making sure they are working as well as we would like them to be.

We also have had the opportunity to have one of our playtesters, Allen, run a version of a game using the Darkstar universe, but with some of his own ideas added in from his own extensive gaming background. This was really a double win, as we got to be players AND we got to see what our system and game world would be like with some GM-made additions!

What really made our day today, though, was a message from one of our younger playtesters who tried out Dead House: Watchers of the Night about a year ago:

“…you, Ian and Dead House have inspired me to make my own game and I was wondering if I could run it by you guys to see what you think.”

So not only are we flattered, but his concept sounds really engaging and we’re excited to check out what he’s created!


Inspiration can come in many forms from many places, so stay creative and game on! 🙂


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