Is change good?

One of the biggest questions we constantly ask ourselves about our games and game system is: is it “good” or “right” the way it is, or do we change “x”? Our current questions are regarding armor, the Character Core, and skills.

We feel like we have some ideas to make all of the above better, so we’ve been hard at work trying to iron out the details and bouncing some ideas off of our playtesters regarding our concepts, and any ideas they may also have.

The only thing about fiddling with game mechanics is that it takes time, so while we may have been a bit quiet on the blog-front, it’s due to family priorities and the fact that we’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming!

As far as armor is concerned, currently we have 3 separate types of source mitigation: physical, piercing, and magic. We’re working on coming up with armor sets and armor pieces, so the armor isn’t just a percentage, but it’s more of a three-dimensional thing your character is wearing that has a mental image associated with it. We feel like this will also help the other players as well as the GM be able to picture the characters they’re playing in game with, as well as giving the armor more cohesiveness and a more realistic feel.

Our Character Core right now consists of 7 different Core Skills, but we’re currently debating on adding in or changing some of the Core Skills, and expanding the uses for the Core Skills.

As far as skills in general are concerned, we’re working on making the skills section of the game book more cohesive and succinct for similar skills, and possibly adding in starter skill set options for players looking to try something new.

We’re ideally having a small group playtest tomorrow to try out some of the aforementioned ideas, so we’ll see what everyone does and thinks!



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