Politics and raising an army.

This past Saturday Ian ran a playtest of ‘Darkstar’. We had been running more ‘Dead House: Watchers of the Night’ lately, but decided to switch it up and bring out some previous characters as well. It was fun to switch up the game world from paranormal sci-fi in Earth’s near future to a low fantasy world with medieval technologies and politics.

The player party of 4 ended up killing a corrupt Imperial official & his lackeys who were trading slaves, taking a garrison, and building the start of their own company. This is the first time in the history of us playtesting ‘Darkstar’ that the player party has taken a base of operations for their own usage, and had other NPC units under their employ. What also was pretty cool was having the player party conversing with some of the NPCs regarding their plans for the future, such as making political alliances with certain factions, talking about rules for trade routes and tithes, creating fortifications, and so on.

A lot of our playtesters have stated in the past that they enjoy ‘Darkstar’ for its diverse political world. The main sociopolitical/ racial groups of ‘Darkstar’ include the Imperials, the Tal (Tal’Kresh and Tal’Qirar), the Northmen, the Serpentmen, and the Tza’Karin. Each group has their own social and political stances, while sharing the large ‘free cities’ and coexisting on the same continent. The free cities are divided into quarters, with each group having their own quarter, as well as having common areas for shopping, trade, food, fun.

Our current 4 player party is made up of a Tza’Karin, a Tal’Qirar, and 2 Northmen, thus making them the first company to hold a garrison that is a mix of the racial groups of the ‘Darkstar’ world so allllll of the NPC groups are interested to know what this means for them!

We are really excited to see what future choices the team makes, and how everything happens! We’re also excited to see what our playtesters think of playing politics in the ‘Darkstar’ universe! Something tells me they’re not going to let their garrison go without a fight 🙂 Game on!



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