Technology: great when it works!

So this Sunday was a day for a complete rearranging of our computers and other such tech devices. The reason why I feel the need to tell you about this, is because we got rid of our old desktop and we’re now only using the newer desktop and the laptop…. but the character sheets were made on the old desktop, can’t be properly loaded on the other computers, and now need to be completely redone.


Well it’s a good thing we were planning on reworking them a little bit anyways, right? Right!

We are finally to the point where we think we’ve reworked the Character Core skills enough to warrant trying them out in-game in the near future, which means NEW CHARACTER SHEETS! Wohoo!

While we’re ideally not going to be changing too much about the Character Sheets in general, we will have to rework them to fit the extrapolated Character Core skills, so we’ll see what happens and if technology will let us do the idea we have in our head onto the computer πŸ™‚

In playtesting news, the current “Darkstar” campaign is getting really interesting! Not that it wasn’t before, but our team is definitely delving headfirst into the sociopolitical party aspect of the game universe. As I’ve said previously, no other team has done so to quite this degree, so it’s very intriguing to see the social and political parties that we as gamedevs always knew existed in full being interacted with by the players to more of an extent than, “We have a quest, we’ll pay you, want to do the quest?”

We also have been talking with our playtesters about making this current campaign into something of a story, just to keep tabs on all of the fun stuff we’ve been doing in game for future reference, which I personally think would be fun to look back upon and reference down the line!

And, in closing, have some RPG MacB for your Thursday afternoon! Game on πŸ™‚



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