On the Core

So things have been going slowly but steadily for us as far as our playtesting has been concerned. We’ve been having weekly (for the most part!) playtest sessions, but the changes we’ve been making take time to try out and see how they are working. So far the feedback has been good, though!

One of our biggest changes recently has been us revamping the character sheets. We used to have separate sheets for all 3 of our current games- “Dead House: Watchers of the Night”, “Darkstar”, and “Project: Utopia”. Now there is one Genesis System character sheet that can be used with any of our games! We also redid the Character Core section of the character sheet, changing some of the verbage and adding in some more Core attributes:


Character Core attributes are gained by using your Skills. Each Character Core attribute can correlate to a specific “type” of Skill: melee, magic, ranged, etc. For example, Willpower can be added to your to-hit die roll for magical spells, whereas Focus can be added to your damage die roll for magical spells.

So far the expanded Core set has been giving players more freedom to use their Core points in a wider variety of applications, thus making player characters more varied and causing them to have different “feels” than other characters of similar builds. We will keep on playtesting to see how the Cores work for player characters that have been played more frequently, though we are happy that it seems to be working well for new characters thus far!

Game on 🙂


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