New year, new blog post!

So first of all, we hope that everyone had a lovely holiday season and a Happy New Year! Welcome, 2016!

We apologize for not having been posting a lot of blog updates as of late. Between work, the holidays, sicknesses, and preparing for the arrival of our first baby this February, we’ve been super busy!

That being said, we’ve also been busy working on some changes to the Genesis System as well. While everything “worked” just fine as we had it running previously, we felt that we could make it better than it was, so we have been working on changing up the way that player turns function and how turn rotations go.

We’ve only been able to playtest our changes a couple of times since we fleshed out the ideas but so far it seems that our changes have been functional and well-received by our playtesters, so we are hopeful that the changes will be for the better in the end once we can get some more testing done and get the changes into text in our game books.

We hope to be able to squeeze in some more playtesting before our baby is born, but we will see! Game on!


(Image from



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