Quietly working…

So while we have been quiet on our social media fronts, we have still been playtesting (though not quite as much as before our baby was born!) and working on tweaking some details of our Genesis System.

We recently ended a pretty epic Darkstar campaign, wherein the player characters started off as mercenaries and ended up as the leaders of a brand new sociopolitical faction. This campaign allowed us to test our new turn taking system as well as some of the new Character Core skills.

Two weeks ago we started a new type of campaign in Darkstar, which is basically taking a page out of the book of the Dark Souls franchise: Prepare to die! The Dark Souls “skin” we’ve added onto Darkstar is not for resale purposes due to copyrighting, but only inspired by the Dark Souls franchise’s new game that Ian is impatiently awaiting coupled with us testing out our new idea for harder, beefier NPCs or supermassive NPCs: Magnitude Scaling.

Magnitude Scaling will hopefully allow GMs the ability to throw exponentially more difficult NPCs at their (possibly unsuspecting!) player party, but since we’ve only had the ability to test the Magnitude Scaling out in one playetst so far that’s all we’re going to say about it for now!

Stay tuned for more updates from us here at Wyrmhole Gaming, and, as always, game on!



One comment on “Quietly working…

  1. 5 PC deaths in the first session…

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